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The modern workplace is stressful. Deadlines, budgets and  limited resources put pressure on the workforce and managing these tensions can be difficult for any manager within an organisation. But sometimes it’s not the financial or time constraints that create the stress but the manager! Abrasive managers tend to rub their co-workers the wrong way, creating a hostile work environment that results in poor performance and high rates of staff turnover and sickness absence.

Coaching MO is an Executive Coaching service specifically aimed at eliminating abrasive and intimidating management behaviors. Based on the methods developed by Dr Laura Crawshaw of the Boss Whispering Institute in the USA; this approach is an effective, respectful and confidential coaching process aimed at tackling abrasive management styles.


Do you have a problem with workplace abrasion?
  • Are the work performances of your employees affected by interpersonal tension within a team?
  • Have you received complaints about bullying within a team - particularly about one specific manager?
  • Do you have a high rate of staff turnover within a team?
  • Do you have higher than average levels of sickness absence (particularly regarding stress and anxiety) within a team?
  • Have you have noticed poor performance within a team that used to be high functioning and productive?
Frequently, people believe that workplace abrasion and friction are a fact of working life. Ok, so a manager is a bit harsh and critical and he or she may shout at staff but what can you do about it? Some might say "well that's just the way they are" or they might believe that a bit of tension might keep people "on their toes"; the trouble is that approach is simply ineffective.

So what is the Solution?

Frequently the problem lies not with the manager's performance but rather with their conduct. A high performing manager may unfortunately be let down by their interpersonal conduct with others and this creates hostility. The abrasive manager is normally very driven to succeed but they lack insight into their behaviour and the negative impact they have on others.
When a manager is perceived negatively by the team it needs to be turned around and so as a Coach, I seek to identify the negative perceptions and then help the manager understand why these negative perceptions exist and then we work together to eliminate them.
The Boss Whispering method is confidential and non-judgmental and therefore the manager will feel supported and engaged as we work through the negative perceptions that are blighting team performance. As the manager learns about the impact of his/her behaviour they can instigate effective change. This change should be noticeable by the third coaching session. 
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Coaching MO is based in Edinburgh and the Lothians. I offer face to face coaching in this area. I also coach via Skype therefore I can accommoate clients anywhere in the country.
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